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Awesome playhouse made easy


Make your kids the playhouse you always wanted.  Complete with swings, slide, monkey bars, pully system, ropes course, and birds eye playhouse.  And relaxing porch swing for you to watch them play for hours at a time.

It doesn’t take a carpenter to make it.

It’s insanely cheap especially if you’re looking at boring out of the box options.

Let's start with the cool features.  Then do a step by step from the ground up.


Monkey Rings: Use the joists that support your playhouse to install monkey rings directly to joists.

If you need a reco here are the heavy duty rings. We used 3 packs of 2.  Or another highly rated ring set gets it done cheaper.


Rope and Rope Ladder: Hang ropes to ground attached to 4x4.  Add ground anchors to limit rope movement.

Here is the 8' rope ladder we used.  Along with the 8' climbing rope ,  ground anchors and handles


Swings: Unique swing set up maximizes yard space.  Extend the rear 2x10 beam and use to fasten your swings.

Here is the saucer swing that comes with black cover.


Porch swing: Use the joists that support the playhouse to anchor your porch swing.  Lots of great options at your local hardware store or have one delivered.  Sit and and relax while they play.

Here is highly rated porch swing


Slide and pully system: Slide fastens directly into the lower platform between the 2x6 and the decking.  Pully system mounts to the top framing 2x4 through the rear opening.


Step by step from the ground up

Site and Posts: Identify your site and stake pole locations.  Use post hole digger to dig your holes and set your posts.


Beams and Joists: Measure desired height from ground.  Level and connect dual 2x10 beams across front posts. Measure and connect single rear 2x10 beam to rear posts.  Connect joists to rear beam using joist hangers and lay over front beams.


Decking: Lay decking opposite joists direction.  Cut excess decking with circular saw or jigsaw.


Wall Framing: Cut tops of posts to 48” in height.  Frame walls and roof with 2x4 framing studs.  Double up on 2x4s on top side and rear.


Roof Framing: Place 16” 4x4 at center of rear horizontal 2x4 stack. Lay 2x4 across front posts and place 4x4.  Connect center top 2x4 front to back.  Connect 2x4 framing stud to support roof on each side.


Roofing: Cut metal roof material to size.  Lay on top of roof framing and screw into 2x4 studs.  Attach ridge cap to cover gap in center of roof.


Posts and Balusters: Attach 4x4 posts to front corners.  Lay 2x4 over top of posts.  Attach balusters from 2x4 to front end.


Wood Ladder: Attach wood 2x4 ladder between posts on rear right lower level.  Attach slide to front right lower level.


Wall, Swings and Ropes: Use picket fence and attach horizontally to main playhouse.  Leave opening in each side for ropes.  Attach 4x4 12” below railing on each side to attach ladder and rope.  Attach monkey bar rings to joists.  Attach swings.  All done!

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