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Bring nature to you!


Study after study says that getting closer to nature provides huge benefits to our well-being.  On weekends most of us have access to parks that provide a great refuge for interacting with nature.  Hiking, camping, swimming, fishing are all great ways to stay close to nature.

For the other 5 days in the week how do stay engaged with nature and the outdoors?  There isn’t the time before work to go on a hike or time after work to go camping.  Even 30 minutes before and after work interacting with nature has proven to have an immeasurable impact on our well being.

Well, we call it ‘bringing nature to us.’  You can do it no matter where you live.  In suburbia, downtown, in the country.

It’s all about attracting animals to your home.  Here’s how:

1: Small animals: This has proven the most fun with the kids and is the cheapest of any option.  All you need to start is a 10 pound bag of Feed corn.  Once it arrives put a cup or two full in your yard, porch, or patio and watch the squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits feast

2. Song birds: You can do this no matter where you live.  Go up to your local hardware store, or jump on Amazon, and get a simple bird feeder and black oil sunflower seeds.  Hang it from a your window, tree, or pole in the yard and watch the birds flock in.


3. Butterflies: This takes a little pre-planning.  In spring visit your local hardware store and get a native wildflower such as the Butterfly Milkweed.  As early as the summer you plant Butterflies will flock to your yard for great photo opps

4. Hummingbirds: These amazing birds fly thousands of miles each year from the Northern US to Central America where they winter.  Help them out and get a great show by hanging a hummingbird feeder with home made sugar water to feast on

5. Large animals: If you live in a suburban or rural environment this is a great option.  There are white tailed deer in nearly every state in the US who will readily approach your yard or home for a meal and photo opp.  You can use the same Feed corn that attracts small animals and you’ll see the large animals in no time!

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