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Work remote during your coronavirus self quarantine


Your office sent everyone home to work remote.  Much like every other nine to fiver on the face of the planet.  And God willing, you’re healthy.  And would like to keep it that way.

So whats your next move?  Probably spruce up the desk at home.  Set up a spot for the laptop.  Find a remote location in the house to take conference calls.

Once you get your new normal its time to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.  And no, I’m not talking about buying stocks low (for another day) or refinancing your mortgage (rates ARE pretty low).

I’m talking about finding your ideal backdrop for your ‘remote’ workplace.  Nobody said it had to be from home.  As long as you’re socially distancing you’re golden.  If you have a laptop, a phone and an internet connection you can work from anywhere.

So take this once in a lifetime opportunity where you literally CANNOT go into the office.  As Corona once said, Find Your Beach

Here are the top 5 places to remote in for your coronavirus self quarantine:

5: State parks:  Everyone has one close by.  Most are still open.  They are state parks because of they’re natural beauty. Sounds like a great place to set up an office for a day!  Don’t forget to bring your laptop and cell phone.  Good idea to test out the cell reception before you head over for the day. If you need a few extra bars try a cell signal booster.  weBoost signal boost from Amazon


4:  Rent a standalone VRBO with WIFI:  No better place to socially distance than in your own VRBO.  Hit your closest lake, river, ocean, or mountain.  You can get them cheap.  There have been so a ton of cancels.  And many owners are happy to take an offer of 50% of the advertised rate to recoup some of the cancellations.  Bring some extra surface cleaner if there’s been anyone in the days before you, however many have been vacant for a while.

3: Public River or Lake access:  Set up your desk on the bank of your favorite lake, river, or stream.  No better backdrop than the sound of water rushing.


2: Hiking trail: Hike your favorite trail and pick out a spot with a nice view for your home office.  This may require you to scout out for good cell service.  And the signal booster mentioned above may help.


1: Beach: No better spot than the beach.  Grab your laptop and cell phone and head out to the nearest sandy beach to get a sunburn on your daily management conference call.  As a wise man once said, Find Your Beach!

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